B & Z Company offers a variety of underground construction and heavy equipment services. Specializing in water and sewer line installation to commercial as well as residential customers. Using our top-of-the-line equipment, our highly skilled technicians are trained to dig and lay pipes in a variety of soil types and landscapes. From videoing and assessing problem all the way to the grass is growing in the restored area of work. Whether you are working on constructing a new site, or have old pipes in need of replacement or repair, B & Z Company is equipped to handle the job with years of experience.

Our sand and gravel pit offers a place for homeowners up to large corporations to dump off unwanted Asphalt and Concrete to be recycled. We also help supply critical product needed for many projects in the local community. Our sand and recycled aggregates serve as a filter and fill material or as a basic material for road building and residential construction. We can supply, haul and install a variety of aggregates for your job specific needs.

Clearing and Demolition services are nearly always required to make way for new improvements. B & Z Company  will take care of the permitting and work necessary to expedite project schedules and save our clients both time and money. Whether just a few square yards or many acres, we will take care of your needs efficiently and safely.

For all your Heavy Equipment and Underground Construction needs, call B & Z Company at 269-925-6999


Storm Drain
Erosion Revetment
Sewer Inspections
Asphalt/Concrete Recycling


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